Service Status

Currently have a problem at Beggarwood. We have rebooted but we suspect the issue is outside our network. Possibly Openreach or Vodafone maintenance. Will be on the case first thing tomorrow if it does not come back overnight.

We have a prolonged power cut in the Upton, Andover area. We have been running on generator since approx 1500. As the whole village is out we have turned the genny off now. SSE say power back at 1200 tomorrow.

As storm Ciara approaches, I want to reassure our customers that we are as prepared as we can be. We have spares, we have a generator, and we will do what we can to keep the internet running. We will be monitoring the network carefully. Stay safe.

All Beggarwood services now back up following what appears to have been a major BT outage across Basingstoke. Apologies for the interrupted service.

We have a fault affecting Beggarwood at the moment. Investigating.

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