Service Status

Part of our network in Upton appears to have been unstable since around 2100 last night. I have traced this to a misbehaving port on our router. I've reset and it seems stable.

We believe the fault has been identified and hopefully something we can resolve without waiting for Openreach. On route to site.

We have an outage in Beggarwood due to an Openreach fault. We are going to report the fault.

Big shout of thanks to Ben @aaisp and the folks at @OpenreachHelp who got a new FTTC line installed in record time to resolve a major backhaul fault on our network caused by another ISP's admin error. Top notch service from both. Thanks again.

Currently have an outage in Beggarwood due to unscheduled electrical work. Power should be back on in 15 to 30 mins

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